About us


Ontference (TM) was a joint venture of Second Integral and TopQuadrant, built on technology provided by Intellidimension, as an initial example of a semantically driven conference navigation solution. Contact us at info@ontference.com



Second Integral is a company dedicated to connecting ideas and creating value. We approach semantic technology from an end-user perspective for the purpose of finding and realizing new possibilities for consumers' greater delight, efficiency, satisfaction, entertainment in everyday life - bringing together the players in the semantic space to realize these possibilities.

TopQuadrant is a premier semantic web solutions consulting firm. We help organizations better orchestrate essential knowledge that resides in and moves between systems and people by integrating data, applications, and processes.

We help evaluate, select and integrate new capabilities for enterprise search, community portals, policy management, asset reuse, and semantic integration. We prototype, develop, and deploy semantic solution platforms that enable systems and people to quickly fuse relevant information from diverse sources, put knowledge into context, collaborate effectively, and make better decisions.


Intellidimension provides solutions to satisfy today's demands for richer information. We support the vision of a semantic web in which information is easily shared and re-purposed, and where a new generation of tools offer increased information automation by harnessing the power of networked, intelligent data. Our technologies enable the development of practical applications incorporating this vision.

Our product, RDF Gateway, is a high-performance, scalable semantic web server with a RDF-native deductive database at its core. Its dynamic scripting environment, rules-based inference, and host of other powerful features enable rapid development and deployment of your semantic web applications. Its scalable architecture and proven performance keep your applications running as your data requirements grow.