An example of a social network diagram.Image via WikipediaWacky looking title.  Not perfect – but the point is to do a little analysis of Value Network Analysis.  There’s a good Aleksola post [note 9/15/10: that link seems to have died, but here’s another for it] up, relating to the topic – which VN Group(ie) John Maloney shared with the list today.

The post explains VNA as social and technical resources being used together (in relation to one another) to create value – whether intellectual, physical, or otherwise.  It distinguishes between in- and out-facing networks, but emphasizes that “Value is created through exchange and the relationships between roles”, over systems in place to enable those interactions.

While it may seem that VNA is about mapping the pathways of social or organizational interaction, such mapping only provides a framework for analysis and discovery – revealing pathways for value.

The actual value created is through the meeting of needs of various parties to transactions or engagement situations.  In this way, I think of VNA is a way to consider how the system dynamics of engagement between parties facilitates a kind of currency translation and barter – enabling each to bring to the table something that may (perhaps in combination with something brought by someone else) satisfy the needs of another – and similarly may have their own needs indirectly met.

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