I had initially intended to write regularly during the conference – but was just too engaged. Then I thought I’d work up a summary of all the interesting things I’d jotted down while there. A week later, I’m still catching up. I’ll come back soon with something more traditional, but in the meantime, here’s a poetic commentary describing one takeaway from the conference:

The wheel was invented circa 4000 BC, and has become one of the world's most famous, and most useful technologies.  This wheel is on display in The National Museum of Iran, in Tehran.Image via Wikipedia

For those of you who know me well,
its not
all about the wiki.
And I often say the things I do,
not (always) to be tricky.

Instead, my mind is doing things
that mix and twist and blend.
Now I come to see that this
will be a needed trend.

Spreadsheets are still my favorite
way of keeping track,
but delicious is what I often use
when I know I’ll want to go back.

People, groups and companies
go on their merry way,
not thinking through possibilities
of how and what to say.

There are the things they think they do,
and things they think we need.
What our real objectives are,
they often do not heed.

Perhaps we are not telling them,
if that’s our role to play.
The key for them is to make
what we actually need today.

So in order to get from here to there
and make the value clear,
they need to translate about their tools
which for some’s too near and dear.