Talis’ Paul Miller just posted about a panel he moderated on facilitating ‘unexpected re-use’ of data, during which participants discussed ways they’ve seen their work having created “unanticipated opportunities to push data in new directions”. I wasn’t present, and this may have been part of that discussion, but as interesting as the “push” he mentions (and perhaps even more in keeping with the ultimate goal, if there is such a thing) would be the “pull” of data to unanticipated purposes and by unexpected parties – and the opportunities to do so.

It makes sense that the “push” perspective is being discussed within the development and evangelist perspectives. Paul points out that the discussion emphasized (as I’ve also done here in the past) that adoption (by investors, companies and end users) is not driven by applications being semantic or based upon semantic technologies, but by their addressing and solving real needs. That perspective is typically driven by the end user and by those who look to enable and capitalize upon addressing their real needs in terms that resonate with them.

Not only would it be “interesting to repeat the experience [of his panel] at… business-oriented event[s] such as next week’s Semantic Technology or Linked Data Planet in June” – but this is exactly what is necessary to begin to bridge from the former perspective to the latter – to help people begin to understand and start to formulate where those opportunities to “pull” may lie.

Bridging this gap is the objective of the session I’ve organized for next week’s Semantic Technology Conference (posted about previously) – to paint the spectrum of a the financial domain and examine application of semantic technologies within needs and processes within its sub-domains. Through this effort, we’ll hopefully thinking and discussion across the lines of the sub-sectors, and foster thought around cross utilization and new ways to make use.