One of the projects I’m working on at the moment (building a Financial Track for the Semantic Technology Conference) ties together a couple of personal threads of interest – and in the process I’m discovering some interesting things going on out there. While attention tends to be drawn to cool gizmos and social hype, there’s a quiet creeping of semantic tools into “real world” uses, for real needs, if not competitive advantage.

As I’ve described in value network discussion, it is through latching onto already existing activities, that mechanisms not obviously associated to end-users objectives (but which underlie achievement of them) become adopted in the main-stream (as the bed of the stream – where cool gizmos might alternatively be the visible banks of the stream in this analogy –  beneath it all is the real stuff). I digress (sort of).

And this is the “stuff” of the conference session I’ve organized, which features examples from different financial sub-sectors (banking, asset management, real estate, insurance…) in support of numerous functional purposes (research, credit analysis, compliance, risk management…) for a number of value objectives (efficiency, thoroughness, flexibility, security, usability, profitability…).

Let me know about examples you’re aware of in this space.

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