This year’s Semantic Technology Conference opened up today with Dave McComb’s “Introduction to Semantics”. This was a great session providing an overview to put semantics in context, by quickly and clearly outlining why we need it (ever-increasing complexity), how semantics help to address the problem (enables the leveraging of metadata), its dimensions (architecture, building materials, and approaches), and components (ontologies or domain frameworks, related ontology authoring tools, rules defining relationships among categories of things [RDFS], triples through which assertions are made describing instances of things [RDF], storage facilities for the triples, and conclusions or inferences that can be drawn based on the intersection of relationships that are found to exist with the rules around such relationships [OWL]).

There was a good crowd at the opening session, so hopefully everyone is now primed with enough of a sense of the moving parts to be able to consider the subject of each session within the broader context of the space and in relation to, and consideration of, the rest of its parts.