Just over a year ago, we embarked on an interesting introduction to the world of semantic technology. Through a desire to become more familiar with the technology being researched and utilized for the next phase of the web, I arranged to attend Wilshire Conferences’ Semantic Technology event.

While making the arrangements, it became clear that both the host and the attendees would benefit from a tool that could both demonstrate some of the power of their technology and at the same time make the event itself more navigable.

To keep it brief here, the short story is that we worked with some technology partners, in the couple of weeks remaining prior to the event, and produced a semantic conference navigation system – one part of a three part plan – that could change the value proposition of conferences. As a result of someone having to cancel a talk, we also had the opportunity to make a presentation on the concept and development of the application that everyone at the event was able to use.

I’ll soon be doing some “back-blogging” to cover some of the territory in-between, so stay tuned. By the way, the Wilshire Conferences events dance the line quite well, bringing together academic and commercial experts to provide an extremely educational and unbiased experience, so if you are considering attending one of them (e.g. the upcoming Semantic Technology program, or the DAMA/Metadata event which took place earlier this month) I’d encourage you to go.