Networking is often thought of in terms of finding people – either for work or social purposes, and as an essential means of information sharing (for both gathering and spreading). There’s another interesting thing to be learned – about you – through examination of who you network with and how you do it.

An interesting article on network analysis, while covering the traditional concepts of network analysis, has some hidden gems – emphasizing the role people play in the world around them. For some, examination of this can bring to the surface a facet of their own character that they might not generally recognize or appreciate.

There is so much emphasis on title or position, in business or organizations and even in our communities, that individuals often lose sight of the role they actually play (through their interaction) and the impact they make.  The directional focus of the article is on identifying people and channels for increased information flow and impact.  Thinking about this in reverse, from you as an individual, in terms of who you touch, how and why… can be worthwhile and enlightening.