Due in part to the week spent out at SemTech (which proved to me that we really are moving into a new phase for the semantic technology space – more on that shortly), I am sorely behind on many things – most visibly with respect to posting here. A big part of my being, and one of the major roots for my interest in semantic technology, is a drive to find ways to put improvements to efficiency in the hands of everyday people and thereby boosting their individual satisfaction.

There are technical and non-technical ways to accomplish this; at the technical end this can involve information architecture and engineering – and at the other end, simply making people aware of tools and shortcuts out there. In regards to the latter, I’ll make an effort going forward to post interesting life hacks that I come across.

One such tool – Doodle – lets you set up a quick poll of dates/times – providing you with a link that you can email to anyone and which will tabulate the results and even notify you if you like. They also have a flavor (AnyDoodle) that lets you list things you’d like people to choose between – things to bring or be responsible for, which movie or pub to go to… This a quick and simple, low glitz tool similar to the popular evite.

Hopefully, by taking advantage of enough of these hacks, I’ll finally have enough time to catch up and do more posts here.