Second Integral is a company dedicated to connecting ideas to create value. We approach semantic technology from an end-user perspective for the purpose of finding and realizing new possibilities for consumers’ greater delight, efficiency, satisfaction, entertainment in everyday life – bringing together the players in the semantic space to realize these possibilities.

Some of our Key Principles…

  • Everything that is important to more than one person exists in multiple perspectives. By appreciating those multiple perspectives you can find ways to give more people more of what they care about. (In considering even just one individual’s needs, there are multiple perspectives to be weighed).
  • Return value immediately; make participation worthwhile and beneficial.
  • Waste nothing, and derive or generate value (for someone) with every effort – recognizing that some of that value is down the road – and while the down-the-road value can’t be fully architected, intent should be considered so as to guide near-term focused effort.
  • It just needs to make sense.